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  India - Not so easy a destination for business
  No common roadmap across regions, states & locations
  Complex, multi-step procedures for establishing and running Business’s
  Doing Business in India needs deep seeded awareness and understanding
of local culture and identities
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In a world where Governments control the largest chunks of money, infrastructure and large scale opportunity, a Business can grow globally and explosively only if they find ways to manage and work with Governments, legislatures and regulators. This works best when a team of professional managers is tasked with taking care of problems, hurdles, stoppages, crises, permissions and approvals, leaving the Business Managers free to focus on Business. The success of corporations like General Electric, Lockheed Martin, Siemens and closer home, Reliance Industries, Adani, DLF, GMR are testimony to this pragmatic view of Government opportunities.

Over a period of time, members of the Nextt team have developed an intrinsic knowledge base and a unique capacity to operate at the grass-root level across the country, effectively working with national, state, district, & city level bureaucracies.

This unique skill base is complemented by an unparalleled market understanding , rooted in a deep awareness of local cultures and identities.

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Like any other developed country India also has a robust government which inspires growth in Industry and Commerce. Nextt specializes in accessing governmental support and enhancing Business's manifold

The team nextt has a terrific track record of facilitating and managing global scale Business's in India in the past in key sectors like Telecom, Power,Refinery, Infrastructure, Media and Airlines etc..

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International companies looking to access and expand in India
Indian Corporations with global vision of success
Companies intent on fast tracking their Businesses
International operations looking to work with companies in India
Companies who recognize the potential market in the Government of India
Companies addressing the projected 9+% growth in the Indian market as part of their BRIC strategies
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"India looks to the future with confidence. We are confident of meeting the domestic and international challenges to fast and inclusive growth. We are also better placed than any time in the recent past to push the reform process forward. I believe we have a bright future if we make use of strengths and the opportunities that we get."
Manmohan Singh, Prime Minister of India,
at the India Economic Summit 2009, New Delhi, 8 - 10 November 2009

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Mumbai – 400 021, Maharashtra, India
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Our Services

Shape Business initiatives within Government in India.

Plan and implement entry strategy in India for Business.

Managing market environment, regulatory framework, legislation,policy making and key influencers.

Identification and validation of potential partners, key suppliers and clients, including deal structuring and negotiations.

Managing crises and troubleshooting.
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